A senior JS/PHP developer at your service

As a JS/PHP senior developer, I can help you with this type of work :

  • Web application: I will fully develop your tailored ReactJS web application and provide hosting and maintenance over time.
  • Wordpress plugin or theme development : I can develop your custom theme or program your own fully tailor-made extension, with the features and options you need for your project.
  • Website developement : I develop your website or your online store, with or without CMS, with the exact features you want
  • Custom development : Do you need help to fix some bugs or improve an existing website or application ? Feel free to contact me to talk about it !

Web application

I develop your own custom web application with all the custom features you need.

Website development

I develop your full website or eCommerce solution, from scratch or with any CMS, by integrating all the desired functionalities and content.

Wordpress theme & plugin development

I develop your own Wordpress themes and plugins, giving them all the features you want

Custom development

I fix bugs or improve your existing application or website .