A Wordpress specialist at your service

As a Wordpress senior developer, I can help you with this type of work :

  • Wordpress theme creation : Do you have a design and want to turn it into a Wordpress theme? I can develop your own theme and give it whatever functionality you want.
  • Wordpress plugin development : I can program your own fully tailor-made extension, with the features and options you need for your project.
  • Wordpress debugging & support : Your site is stuck by a bug or a conflict between several plugins ? No way to get a plugin you need to work? I can solve the problem for you.
  • Custom web project : Do you need a coder to fully develop your web app or your custom website ? Contact me and let's talk about it !

Wordpress theme & plugin development

I develop your own Wordpress themes and plugins, giving them all the features you want

Wordpress Support & Debugging

Your project is blocked by a bug or a conflict on your Wordpress site ? I can solve it.

Custom Wordpress development

I fully customize your themes and plugins according to your needs

Custom Web App development

I fully develop your own tailor-made Web App and support you in its launch